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Mod Truck
Chuck Champagne

Super Stock
Scott Kieckbusch

Diesel 2.5
Zachary Perzinski

Open Stock Truck
Don Regan

Welcome to PI Motorsports

We run our pulls in an area that includes Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and the UP of Michigan. Feel free to look around and see what we have to offer.

Want to join our club?
Read the 2020 Rules, fill out the Registration Form, and send it to Heather.

Web Site Updates

8/20/2020 - Elkhorn pull has been rescheduled to Sunday, Sept 6th.

8/20/2020 - Schedule update.

7/12/2020 - Here are the PI Motorsports guidelines for the 2020 Pulling Season:
  • Please respect the rules of the event and any guidelines they are asking based upon regulations due to Covid 19. We are their guest!
  • All paid memberships for 2020 will automatically be moved to cover your 2021 membership.
  • Anyone who has not paid a membership for 2020 will not be required to do so to pull.
  • All pullers will have $20 deducted from their payouts for each event that they participate. Payouts will be the same as last year.
  • There will be ONE check at the end of the season for each puller’s payouts less the $20 for each event. Checks will include a statement with detail of payout for each event.
  • Tech Officials from each class will be responsible to tech participants of the class.
  • Pullers who were not a member in 2019 would need to complete a membership form and pass a tech inspection prior to pulling. Payout will be forfeited without valid information on file.
  • There will be no points for the season.
  • The Banquet for December will be cancelled.
  • The Board Members only will have a meeting in September.
  • There will be no rule changes for 2021. All 2020 rules will remain and carry over.
  • Rulebooks for 2021 will not be reprinted so save your 2020 Rulebook.
  • Letters with this information will be in the mail to members this week.
Thank you for your support of the remaining events on the PI schedule for 2020!
Continue to check for schedule changes.

7/10/2020 - New Pull for Super Farm & Pro Farm - Aug 21st - Summer Shoot Out at Racine County Fairgrounds

3/23/2020 - Please add the following note: Due to the current pandemic situation, there will be a delay in the mailing of the newsletter and rulebooks. Please continue to check the website and Facebook for updates. Once this passes and it is safe to interact with vendors such as the printer and post office, the items will be promptly mailed. Thank you for your patience!
2020 Newsletter
2020 Registration
2020 Rule Book
2020 Schedule
2020 Street Diesel Rules

12/3/2019 - PI 2019 Meeting Schedule on December 14th and Fall Newsletter.

11/24/2019 - These are the Proposed Rule Changes for 2020 that will be discussed at the class & general meetings on December 14th.

10/20/2019 - Newsletter and Banquet Form.

Congratulations to our 2019 PI Points Champions:
Super Farm Tractors - Gary Schyvinch
Pro Farm Tractors - Eugene Larsen
Hot Farm Tractors - Josh Steuck
MOD Trucks - Chuck Champagne
Super Stock Trucks - Scott Kieckbusch
Open Stock Trucks - Don Regan
Mixed Class - Paul Flynn
Diesel 2.5 Trucks - Zachary Perzinski

3/8/2021 - Point Results.

Congratulations to our 2018 PI Points Champions:
Andy Keyes Super Farm
Ken Mike Pro Farm
Jordan Lashua Hot Farm
Robert Luebke Mod 4x4
Tory Laubach Super Stock
John Shultis Open Stock
Ty Davies Diesel 2.5
Paul Flynn Mixed Class

Congratulations to our 2017 PI Points Champions
Super Farm - Lee Sixel / Cruisin Case
Pro Farm - Chase Holschbach / Red Rock
Hot Farm - Jordan Lashua / The Harrision Hooker
Mod 4x4 - Cathy Potratz / Quiet Riot
Super Stock - Tory Laubach / Locked & Loaded
Open Stock - Tony Kozub / All In
Diesel 2.5 - Mike Retzlaff / This One's for Ben
Mix - Paul Flynn / Give-M-Heck-Redneck

Congratulations to our 2016 PI Points Champions:
Super Farm - Lee Sixel
Pro Farm - Chase Holschbach
Hot Farm - Jordan Lashua
Mod - Steve Sterwald
Super Stock - Chuck Champagne
Open Stock - Jack Peters
Mix - Paul Flynn
Diesel 2.5 - Denise Schyvinch
Semi - Al McDowell

Hot Farm
Josh Steuck

Pro Farm
Eugene Larsen

Super Farm
Gary Schyvinch

Paul Flynn

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